Alleine im Urwald der Betriebe in der Sexarbeit

How do I find the right operation?

On this page you will find information about companies with which you can work together as a sex worker. You can compare them for you to find the right operation for you. Click on the name of the company to go to the website.

If you run a company I offer you to have a list here. To do this, a questionnaire must be completed in order to give sex workers the opportunity to find the right job. You can contact me via the contact form.

Misinformation that comes to light will result in immediate deletion from this list. However, I do not accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the information provided.


The questions to the companies are as follows:

  • What kind of operation is it?
  • In which state and in which city is the company?
  • How big is the operation?
  • What are the costs for sex workers (commission, rent ect)?
  • In what price segment is the company located, i.e. with what earning opportunities (on average, not in the best case) to be expected?
  • What rules/guidelines apply to sex workers when they work with the company?
  • What service can sex workers expect from the company?
  • How is the safety of sex workers ensured?
  • What is required for an application/presentation and where can I apply?

Escort Agencies


Plescort Agency

The company is headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, Hesse. We arrange dates within Deutschalnds and internationally. We are a small agency and 10 women are about the admission limit. On our independent site, however, as many escorts as you want to advertise.

The agency commission is 30%. The women need professional photos, which cost between 300-600 euros, depending on the photographer. The operation is in the higher price range. Depending on the lady, 2 hours cost between 700-950 euros. For longer dates, it’s cheaper per hour. 12 hours between 1750 – 2100 euros. The date number depends on the lady and her work assignment. It can go from 5 dates per month to 1 or even none. The ladies must be reliable and honest and have the necessary papers.

We take care of advertising, marketing, mediation of dates, advice on all questions and support before and after the date.

Our customers are checked for seriousness and authenticity beforehand. This ensures that Mr. XY is really in the hotel on room XY. By exchanging information with other agencies, there is also a good warning system against violent customers and fraudsters. During the date, someone is always available and after the time has been determined the lady will be contacted. If you are interested in our agency visit and inform yourself more about the application process under “Casting”.