About me

My escort name is Irina le Fey and I have been working in the erotic industry since 2014. Since 2016 I have been working as an escort in the higher price segment and meanwhile I am an independent escort and run a small escort agency. Since I am successful in my profession and there are relatively few sites to get started in sex work, I want to use my knowledge to help others. Because when I started and was not yet outed I had relatively few sites and places where I could get advice and tips. The most supportive person was my former agency manager and I am very gratful for her advices. However, many people do not have this support and are very much on their own. Especially when you want to start as an independent sex worker, you often lack the necessary information or simply someone with whom you can exchange ideas.

I am outed as a sex worker and have the working conditions in my profession that I wish for. Nevertheless, I also have to struggle with the negative conditions of the industry. It was not an easy way to my current work situation. With this website I would like to support beginners as well as advanced sex workers.



My coaching offers for you.



In the near future, under the menu item “Escort Guide” you will find an ebook. In the ebook I have collected the knowledge from my escort career. You will find there tips and concrete instructions for starting as an escort, whether with an agency or as an independent.


Brief advice:

I also offer for anyone who has an acute problem or a specific question to contact me via contact form and arrange a callback. To do so, send me your phone number and availability. I do not charge for these short consultations (10-15min)!


Individual Coaching:

If you have multiple questions or need more individualized advice about your work situation and/or career planning in sex work, you are welcome to book a more intensive and individual coaching session. Please use the contact form for this as well.


Kind regards

Irina le Fey