Sonnenuntergang in rosa und lila auf einem Berg im Wald. Metapher für den steilen Weg des Escorts und die schönen Abende die man verbringt

On this page, I would like to share my experience and knowledge as an escort with you. There will be many helpful tips for getting started in the escort field and for your career path. You will also find my ebook with collected experiences and tips. If you need a more intensive consultation and individual advice, I also offer coaching via video call.

What does Escort mean?

Everyone has probably heard the term “escort” – at least many have an idea of what escort is associated with or how the process of a date is.

Literally, escort means to accompany. However, it is rather rare that escorts are booked as pure companionship, without any intimate contact. Since prostitution is associated with negative prejudices, the term “escort” is an attempt to avoid this stigmatization.

Escorts are booked as companionship to entertain with their company. An escort should be able to blend in attractively intelligent and educated- striking, but at the same time discreet. It should not be obvious whether the attractive companion is at a man’s side, an escort or a private escort.

People with a regular life can choose to be an escort independently and freely, without fearing the stigma and risks of prostitution. However, over time, the term escort has become more and more officially associated with sexual acts and is included in the law under prostitution.



The term escort becomes more and more vague.

Many different concepts now called themselves escort service or escort agency and everywhere the term is used. The positive attributes associated with the term escort make it very attractive for customers and providers. Customers are looking for the extraordinary and high quality and not only for pure sex will they prefer to book an escort. However, the positive attributes of the term “escort” are not clearly defined.


The attempt to stand out from all other escort agencies with additions such as High Class Escort or Model Escort is only partially successful, because this is also not a clear definition. Escort agencies come in all forms and price categories, which makes a definition even more difficult and the differences between agencies are increasingly difficult to recognize at first glance. An agency with the focus on several hours of dates and prices from 2000 euros a night is called just as escort agency as a provider with the focus on hourly dates for 150 euros an hour.



What I mean by escort

I define escort dates as an extraordinary luxury. A time out with an extraordinary person who is not only attractive, but educated, sensitive, carefree, sexually open and worldly. Escort of course also stands for intimacy, closeness, eroticism and sex, but the pleasurable overall package is the decisive factor.

You are interested in the fascinating, but also very demanding job as an escort?

Escort dates usually last several hours and include a visit to a restaurant and the possibility for various activities. The willingness of the escort and the fun in the sexual are a prerequisite. To respond to the customer emotionally or to get involved allows a special form of closeness and intimacy. Only if both have fun and feel comfortable, the date is successful.

Because people who decide to book the time of an escort want something special. For this, escort dates also offer you the potential of interesting encounters and beautiful experiences.


What skills should you bring or optimize as an escort?

To become a sought-after escort, you should have an open-minded, uncomplicated personality and the courage for adventure. A positive charisma and curiosity towards erotic experiences is a must – because only then you can convey real sensuality and enjoy it yourself. Curiosity about your counterpart, the joy of new contacts and the ability to entertain even in conversation, proactively enchant your counterpart are very important, because some people are rather reserved. A good general education and genuine charm will help you.


If you can go out of yourself and appear authentic without losing yourself, you will inspire customers as an escort and can often make lasting contacts. Through this activity it often comes to very long-term, enriching relationships, even if the boundaries to the “official life” of those involved are quite marked.


Excellent manners, reliability, punctuality and discretion are as much a matter of course as the ability to act independently and conscientiously.


Invest in yourself!

Consider your body and personality as your most important attributes. Both are very important for the job as an escort. Therefore, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself and think about your well-being. Eat healthy and exercise regularly. You don’t have to adapt your body to the common beauty ideals with the help of operations – your customers want a person who feels comfortable in her own body and therefore radiates the appropriate sensuality.

As an escort, you are much more than a body. Your charm and education are definitely among the things you should cultivate. Read books, including non-fiction, and keep up to date with current events, because this will allow you to engage in interesting conversations and remain a constantly fascinating companion for your clients. Also practice active listening, that inspires people at least as much.

As an escort, you have to invest not only in your mind, but also in high-quality outfits. You meet your customers not only in the bedroom. You also have to appear as a stylish person in public. Do not only meet the expectations of your clients, but also exceed them.


The right working conditions.

As an independent escort you are working independently without an agency. Therefore you have to manage all the tasks related to your dates on your own. This means that you have to invest more time, money and work into making a date happen than if you hire an agency.

If you are listed with an agency, you only have to confirm or cancel a date and can then concentrate fully on the meeting. The agency clarifies all the basic conditions and you can fully concentrate on the date and the customer.

An agency advertises on various portals, creates and maintains the website, communicates with customers, checks the seriousness of the requests and does all the preparatory work that is necessary so that a date can take place at all. The agency organizes dates, hotel bookings, flights, etc. The escort gets all the information necessary to meet with the client. Good agencies know the likes, dislikes, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their listed escorts. They make an effort to recommend the escort with the appropriate attributes for each date. However, for these services, the agency requires a part of your fee.

As a pure part-time job, most start with an agency. Whether you prefer to decide and implement everything alone is up to you and a pure question of taste and time. Weigh for yourself with a pro and con list, whether you commission an agency or start directly as an independent escort.


Good working conditions guarantee your safety.

When you work with an agency, it should ensure your safety. Therefore, the choice of a good agency is very important.  You can inform yourself about different agencies in forums like Escort-Dates or MC-Escort, because there you can read the impressions of customers and other escorts. Look for several suitable ones and apply. Ask at the interview specifically how dubious customers are sorted out and how your safety is guaranteed. What happens in an emergency?

As an independent escort you have to take care of your own safety. It is best to ask your clients to give you their first and last names or to transfer a deposit. Many clients will give you their real name and personal information upon request, so that you can find them yourself via a search engine. Discretion on both sides is of course a prerequisite, but a man would always be physically superior to a woman, which is why you have to provide safe conditions. Should customers reject your demands, you can refuse the date with them as well. Keeping your boundaries is your security. Tell a trusted person when you are on a date. That way, they can call for help in an emergency.

In my whole career there has not been one emergency and I personally do not know of any case of violence or anything like that. Some try to push the price or make a booking with fake money/forged transfers (very rare). In the escort forums you can ask in the “escort only” section if you are unsure about a client. Maybe another escort can help you.



How can you fit escort work into your life?

As an escort, you will be booked for hours, sometimes even days or weekends. In case of mutual sympathy, you may also have to travel together on vacation, business for a week, or longer.

Depending on how much you like working as an escort, you can think about doing this job “full-time”. An escort has a lot of freedom financially and in terms of time, and thanks to the upscale clientele makes quite beautiful, sometimes even luxurious experiences. With the activity as an escort you are self-determined and can arrange your life according to your own ideas.

If you are employed, you can combine escort dates with a job that is flexible anyway and perhaps allows you to travel. In addition to your studies or, for example, as a steward*ess or tour guide, you could keep appointments as an escort.

How you deal with this exciting job is up to you – some escorts hide their activity, while others are very self-confident and open about it.


Where you want to draw the line, how much time and personality you invest, you decide yourself!