Wunderschöne Berge mit Ausblick. Metapher für das Buchen von Sexarbeitern.

This page aims at the customers of sexual service providers. Here I give tips for making contact and for the general mindset that you should bring with you as a customer.


What are you looking for?

Be aware of what you are looking for! What are your ideas and expectations for your erotic date? What is especially important to you? Where should the date take place, how long should it last and how should it proceed?

In order to find the sex workers who offer the service you are looking for, you first need to know what exactly you are looking for. Are you looking for a short or long date, a certain type of woman or man, more girlfriend eroticism or something from the kink or fetish area, etc.? Think about whether you would rather have a date in a hotel or a brothel/club/studio etc. and what your general ideas and expectations are. Different areas of sex work offer different services.


And where do you look?

In addition, of course, there is also the individual personality of the sex worker*, which has an influence on the practice of the service. If you go to a brothel or another erotic establishment, you will probably only be able to decide on the spot who you would like to have a sexual service with. Some establishments have photos and profiles of the sex workers on their website, but this is not the rule. If you are looking for escort services, you can book through an agency or contact an independent escort directly without an agency. On the Internet there are a lot of portals and websites through which you can directly or indirectly get in touch with sex workers.

There are also forums specifically for providers and customers of sex work. There you can exchange information, advertise and get tips and advice. A list of helpful forums can be found below on the Links/Helps page. You should take your time and inform yourself in order to make a good choice. Many people involved in sex work use social media such as Twitter and Instagram. This gives you the opportunity to get a better impression of people to find the right partner for your erotic adventure.



How can you find suitable sex workers?

Research on the Internet, compare different providers and get advice in forums if necessary.

If you send a booking request online, be aware that this will be the first impression of you. The first impression is usually decisive for whether your request is accepted or rejected. So introduce yourself at the beginning with a short self-description and describe what are your wishes and ideas  for the date. You have probably already learned a lot of information about the profile of the person on the Internet, but the person offering sexual services has no picture of you. That is why it is even more important that you introduce yourself in an informative way. Before you make a request, read the profile of the sex worker carefully. For example, asking for prices in an email, even though they are clearly stated in the online profile, does not go down well and makes a bad first impression. Avoid questions that can be answered by reading the sed card.



How do you ask?

It is best to ask for an appointment early. This means 1-2 weeks in advance. The earlier you ask, the higher the probability that your desired escort has time for this date. But if you ask only 1-2 days in advance, it could be that you cannot book a date spontaneously.

If you want to make a request, then the following information should be included in your mail: Name, age, profession, hobbies, date ideas (place, day, time, length, and process), sexual/erotic preferences, wishes, expectations and possible questions.



How do you behave?

  • In the interaction before and during the date?

Always open, honest and respectful!


  • If a deposit is required?

Many escorts require a deposit especially for bookings outside of their hometown. Some generally require a deposit for first time clients. Sexual services are based on mutual trust and discretion. So you should definitely not discuss if asked for a deposit.


  • If you want to bring a small gift?

It’s not a must, but if you like to bring a small attention, make sure it suits the person. Look at the profile or if you already know, each other get inspiration from your previous meeting.


  • If the chemistry is not right?

Be honest and communicate it respectfully so that you can end the date together.

Always keep in mind that even when you receive a service, there is a person behind it, and you should meet him at eye level. Open and honest communication is the key to a successful date.